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Here, as in other parts of the world, honest work, community service, family values, and honesty are honorable human virtues.

And yet the people of Latin America are markedly different from other parts of the world.

But the United States was and remains a kind of branch of earthly paradise, attracting Latin Americans like a magnet.

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The mentality of "Latinos" - a talk of the town, the subject of sharp jokes and ridicule.

Of course, most of the traits attributed to residents of Latin America are nothing more than stereotypes.

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If this enterprising macho show at least 10% of the energy consumed in the States at home, he could achieve more.

Latin America is all that is located in both Americas, south of the United States.

Accordingly, Latin America is inhabited by Latinos - Hispanic and Portuguese-speaking people with similar mentality and customs.

And over time, their own habits and traditions, typical only for Latin America, were born.

After recovering from the European heritage, Latin America develops completely independently, without sharp upsurges, but without rapid failures.

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