Dating penis size

Where do we start with this touché topic and where do I start with my Tinder experience?The most daunting aspect of my life was just about to start in a matter of minutes whilst waiting for the app to download on my phone, I was pretty nervous.Needless to say, this was the most risqué experience in my entire life.So, just how honest can men actually be when it comes to on-line dating?So, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my lavish tinder experience.Needless to say, I deleted this creepy ass app as quickly as I could.

He claimed that his front was an average size of 5.8 inches to be exact. ) Needless to say, this ALMOST became a very deep conversation, but my inner sass came out and quickly unmatched. Dude Six was my ultimate favourite and did make me laugh out loud, literally.

He dubbed his penis name as, All I was left wondering was what he wanted to drink? I matched up with an outstanding 32 people but little did I know how filthy these guys responses would be.

After messaging all 32, I managed to get a grand total of 9 responses. Whether or not they were telling the truth or not, I didn’t want to know.

For someone who has zero experience in being so sexual in the messaging department, this really is the site to use.

Who knew you could get so much information out of people by using pure filth?

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