Dating my remington 1100

If you don't like to keep a clean gun ..look at an inertia operated semi-auto ..a Benelli.Inertia guns run much cleaner - because the gas is not used to cycle the action. Like Big Jim said, I let no more than 100-200 shells ignite in the gun, then I strip and clean it immediately. All I do is remove the barrel and forearm, pull off the two rings and rubber O-ring.I have one that has been in the gun, and shot heavily, since about 1967, and it is still fine.Ham handed cleaning is the most likely O-ring killer.I read a whole bunch of how to's on cleaning the gun, and have just done so.This is something that I will NEVER get rid of, it's more important to me because of who's it was, rather than what it is. So I will know for sure, i'll also buy some Remington shells, along with bringing the Winchester/Federal rounds, to see if that makes any difference as well. Always happy to be apart of a good working Forums such as The Firing Line.I only clean the trigger group once a year with a blast of Gun Scrubber. It only takes 30 sec to drop the trigger group out ..some Q tips on it and a little solvent on it ..compressed air in it to dry it out're done...

Magnum versions have 1 gas port versus two, if it is the slightest bit dirty, that explains your ejection issues.

But you have to ask for them as most will stock/sell you a natural rubber or butyl o-ring.

There are many elastomeric compounds that are impervious to petroleum based lubricants, including Viton which is what is most widely recommended and sold for 1100s/11-87s. Neoprene is available from industrial suppliers, but who needs 50?

I never had the initiative to learn much about them though! My friend had a large amount of Winchester/Federal, 2 and 3/4 inch shells and that's what I have been using (I'm about to buy some Remington). The Magnum part i'm kind of scratching my head at, I could find these rounds when people talk about them online, but never actually found any in person or online.

Anyways I was talking to some gun folks around here and looking online and this is what I came up with. Thanks for any tips/advice/problem solving solutions! Your gun might just not like them, they might not be loaded hot enough to cycle the action.

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