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Persons desiring to be married in this state shall submit an application in writing signed and sworn to in person before the clerk of the district court by both of the parties setting forth: 1. The full legal name and the age of each party as they appear upon or are calculable from a certified copy of the birth certificate, the current driver license or identification card, the current passport or visa, or any other certificate, license or document issued by or existing pursuant to the laws of any nation or of any state, or political subdivision thereof, accepted as proof of identity and age; 3. A minimum of four (4) hours of education or counseling shall be necessary for successful completion of the marriage education curriculum.

Any other information, declarations, seals and signatures, as required by law. The marriage certificate provided for in this title shall contain appropriate wording and blanks to be completed and endorsed, as required by Section 8 of this title, by the person solemnizing or performing the marriage ceremony, the witnesses, and the persons who have been married.

Any unmarried person who is at least eighteen (18) years of age and not otherwise disqualified is capable of contracting and consenting to marriage with a person of the opposite sex. upon the consent and authority expressly given by the parent or guardian of such underage applicant in the presence of the authority issuing such license, b.

Except as otherwise provided by this subsection, no person under the age of eighteen (18) years shall enter into the marriage relation, nor shall any license issue therefor, except: a.

The judge of the district court issuing the license may in his or her discretion consent to the marriage in the same manner as in all cases in which consent may be given by a parent or guardian. Every person under the age of sixteen (16) years is expressly forbidden and prohibited from entering into the marriage relation except when authorized by the court: a.

Tag(s): Marriage is a personal relation arising out of a civil contract to which the consent of parties legally competent of contracting and of entering into it is necessary, and the marriage relation shall only be entered into, maintained or abrogated as provided by law. Provided, that any marriage of first cousins performed in another state authorizing such marriages, which is otherwise legal, is hereby recognized as valid and binding in this state as of the date of such marriage. upon affidavit of three (3) reputable persons stating that both parents of the minor are deceased, or mentally incompetent, or their whereabouts are unknown to the minor, and that no guardian has theretofore been appointed for the minor.

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