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From 2004 until 2013, Lydia Nsekera was the president of the Burundi Football Federation.

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Coming from a poor family in eastern Burundi in the province of Ruyigi, Francine Niyonsaba has gone on to become an icon in world athletics.

With Burundi’s all major independent radio stations off the air following attacks (and counter-attacks) against their facilities and intimidation of their staff, the only remaining radio outlet – the most prevalent media in Burundi, where internet and television are scarce – is state radio.

Since his return, Nkurunziza’s rhetoric has been fiercely defensive.

Nkurunziza already announced yesterday that the legislative elections slated for May 26 were being postponed for at least a week.

This announcement was not well received by the opposition, who claim that a one week delay will not enable free, fair and peaceful elections to take place.

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