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They didn't pack any nice threads, so one came to the bar with shorts and flip flops and the other with a wrinkly Under Armour shirt and jeans two sizes too big. Since girls in Latin America are used to guys approaching them aggressively in bars and clubs, a more relaxed approach can actually work in your favour.However, if you want to keep a girl around for more than a few dates, you're going to have to take the lead.Sorry for the vague headline, but it's the best way I know how to sum this up. It's been well-documented on this blog that I am a TERRIBLE dancer. In Mexico, you can get by without dancing or dancing very poorly.I used to think "I can get laid without dancing, so why bother to learn? This is because there are many top-40 oriented venues that never play Salsa music.

I learned this the hard way when a couple of friends came to visit. This relates more to dating in Latin America than it does picking up.When it comes to dating in Latin America, if you want to get yourself a high quality woman with good values, you will invariably have to spend a lot of time in one city, learning the language and building a social group.Aside from getting extremely lucky, there’s no alternative. Latin America - for better or worse - is a superficial place.Today I will discuss some things that I've noticed about dating in Latin America. Although that would make me a God among my former high school social group (with who, thank Christ, I'm no longer in contact with), it is rather modest compared with some fellow travellers/bloggers. Although I haven't mastered the art of ‘game,’ I do consider myself more perceptive than most. But it should help first-time travellers of all ages navigate the waters. This is not the case in Canada or the United States, where women are colder and competition is fiercer. Three long-term girlfriends before the age of 23 hasn't left me much time in the field. I've never studied "game" or pickup techniques and I've never been fortunate enough to have a mentor to call on for advice. Since I started galavanting around Latin America, I've averaged about 3-4 women per month. In the long run this has actually turned out to be a disadvantage because it diminished the incentive to learn how to talk to women... Point is, even if you have no game whatsoever, if you're not hideous you will still be able to sleep with 5s, 6s, and a handful of 7s. If you're a decent looking chap at a bar or club in Latin America, you'll have girls who will give you amusingly obvious indicators of interest, or even go out of their way to approach you.

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