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The Railway Station and Old Flag Room which was ... The Railway Station and Old Flag Room which was opened by President Paul Kruger when the line from Krugersdorp reached the town in 1897 - Klerksdorp's first national monument.Bosworth also has many stone artefacts dating from over 1 million years ago. situated on the N12 Treasure Route this National Heritage site is over 2000 million years old.Goudkoppie prominently features an old ammunition container, which was used by soldiers in the Second World War of Independence.Golf, fly fishing, hunting, horse riding, walking trails, bird watching, water sports, gliding, 4 x 4 trails, rock climbing, mine tours, game watching eco tourism, adventure tourism, unique historical and paleontological sites, shopping, movies, rocking night clubs, many restaurants to choose from.

Archbishop Desmond Tutuwas born in Klerksdorp and his birth site is located just 4 kilos of the N 12 Treasure Route.968 graves of British soldiers and their families who died in the Klerksdorp Concentration Camp during the Anglo Boer a quaint Guest House situated on one of the oldest streets in the North West Province and has recently been declared a National Monument.Klerksdorp, town and principal centre of the Klerksdorp-area goldfields, North-West province, South Africa.It lies approximately 80 miles (130 km) southwest of Johannesburg.

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