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Store your vacuum cleaner with the rest of the accessories in a cool, dry area where they will not be a hazard, get damaged, or cause damage to anyone or anything else.

Note: Empty the dust cup after cleaning and prior to storing.

Place the felt filter in first, then the foam filter. Wash the filter using lukewarm water with the dirty side facedown until the water runs clear.

Do not put the filter in the washing machine or dishwasher. Do not use a hair-dryer or other heating methods to dry.

Pre-motor felt filter: Under normal usage, rinse and let air-dry completely (for 24 hours) every month.

Do not put the filters in the washing machine or dishwasher.To release the hose, press the hose storage button.Wrap the attached cord strap around the power cord when storing.The top door can be released to clean the upper compartment of the dust cup.Note: For best results, empty the dust cup after each use; empty several times during prolonged usage or when it reaches the "max fill" line. Option A for quick empty: Insert the dust cup deep inside a trash receptacle to contain the dust and debris.

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