Dating kali yuga

§ It would be foolish to dismiss the possibility that the huge buzz around 2012 was the reflection of a collective psychic event of some kind.The question is, Did the discussions, speculations, and predictions about 2012 point to that event, or do they merely draw attention to themselves?These essays, plus new talks and supplementary material not published before or released online, offer unique access to an overview of the grand scheme of the World Ages measured by the star clock (precession).My overarching aim is to place the current moment of historical time in the pattern of cosmic timing.The study of the World Ages measured by the 26,000-year cycle of precession of the equinoxes is one of my specialties.

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Calls for escaping the planet will not be tolerated on this site.Humanity will realize the noosphere of Teilhard de Chardin, for instance.I have a gut feeling that this kind of high-toned chatter might be distracting us from the genuine possibilities of the moment.But in the larger sense, Course 8 is not only about Kali Yuga.It is also an open-ended exploration of (Course 3).

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