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Twelve hours after lumbar puncture, the dog displayed signs of multifocal central nervous system lesions (spastic tetraplegia, head tilt, nystagmus, amaurosis, myosis, altered consciousness, ataxic breathing pattern).

Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain was abnormal.

Received date: November 29, 2016; Accepted date: December 10, 2016; Published date: March 06, 2017 Citation: Deroy C, Bismuth C, Chuzel T, et al. doi: 10.4172/2574-2868.100002 A 10 year old Chow Chow presented with a 24 hour history of acute signs of spastic paraparesis following an 11 months history of progressive pelvic limb ataxia.

Clinical and MRI Features of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Following Computed Tomography Myelography. CT myelography revealed several chronic disk protrusions.

Haemorrhage; Myelography; MRI; CT; Necropsy Intracranial subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) is a rare complication of myelography that can have serious consequences and presents a potentially life threatening complication in humans.

In both humans and dogs [1-6], it may lead to raised intracranial pressure, the development of prolonged cerebral arterial spasm and cerebral ischemia [6-8].

Brain dysfunction is thought to be the consequence of brain ischemia.

Signs of central vestibular dysfunction manifesting were observed as vestibular ataxia, left sided head tilt, circling to the left and vertical nystagmus and non-tolerance of positioning in the right lateral recumbency.

Rotational thromboelastometry (ROTEM) testing performed 3 days after the lumbar puncture showed the presence of a hypocoagulable state (Figure 2).

MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) was carried out on a T system with m T/m gradients and revealed an inflammatory process within the brain parenchyma (Figure 3).

The condition has been previously reported in two dogs in which it was found on post mortem examination [6].

The current case report describes the clinical presentation, diagnosis, and post mortem necropsy of SAH following an iohexol CT myelogram.

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