Dating illegal alien

Most who have been arrested under the Trump administration’s policies had scant prospects of ever achieving legal status, whether through marriage to a citizen or another route. de Oliveira, on the other hand, were well on their way.Getting a green card through spouses and relatives had become far easier in recent years for those who were living in the country illegally.

Those who were ordered out of the country years ago are especially easy marks for an agency with limited resources for enforcement — especially if they walk straight into an immigration office.But he decided to go anyway, determined to get legal papers. He married a citizen, had three children, divorced, married another citizen and had another child, building a good business buying and fixing up old properties along the way.Without them, “You can’t do nothing, you can’t go to college, you can’t do things in your own name,” Mr. After talking it over with his wife, Katherine, he decided to take a chance on the marriage interview, which was scheduled for March 2017 at the immigration office in Lawrence, Mass.Take the test.]After the wedding, all the things they could not do while he lacked legal status became obvious: Not being able to go on their honeymoon, because he could not fly. Not being able to get car insurance.“He got caught because he was trying to do the right thing,” Ms. Because she did not know what else to say when their son asked, Oliveira told him that his father was working out of town. de Oliveira, a house painter, had no criminal history.

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