Dating holiday season

This new feature allows singles to go on group dates together,” said Roy Lugasi, founder of Weepo.

“This new list of the top 7 events of December 2016 will give New Yorkers suggestions on the best events of the month.”December is filled with holiday parties, making it challenging for consumers to decide where to go.

The trend is driven by people heading back to their home towns for the holidays, or feeling lonely.

A study by the dating website found that 11 percent of singles have been ‘Marleyed’, while a further eight percent admit to reaching out to an ex.

To ensure the ultimate experience, Weepo encourages party-goers to buy a unique mask that expresses their alter ego.

Cocktail attire is required for this party, so put on the best dress or suit for this Venetian affair. Click here to register: https:// Years Diynamic Tour – The 10 Years Diynamic Tour is coming across the Atlantic Ocean and is making only five stops in the US, Mexico and Canada.

Shouldn't you yearn for some romance in your life, like spending nights curled up on the couch with bae, escorting each other to family gatherings and Instagramming those disgustingly cute couples photos? Now, that doesn't mean I wouldn't make the most of love if it came my way, but I won't allow what's "lacking" turn me into a mopey, self-pitying single male who spends his weekends stuck in bed watching "Love Actually" for the sixth time. When it comes to celebrating with family, you get to avoid any conflict, courtesy of figuring out when you're going to meet the parents. If you're still looking to decorate a tree for your place, ditch the traditional tinsel and gold star and go a little buck wild. Using the rest of your vacation days to veg out on the couch? You have no one to impress, and if your heart is telling you to binge-watch every episode of "Chopped" in consecutive order, do it up.11. Raid their fridge, do your laundry and let them coddle you in every way possible.12.

This time of the year brings on added pressure and stress of finding that perfect someone, probably influenced by the incessant questions you receive from your family regarding your love life. I see great things coming my way with friends, work and other events that don't really leave time for me to be tied down. The only person you should be concerned with getting expensive gifts for is YOU.10.

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(I'm gay, so that would be allowed.)Luckily, that just ain't me. Below, find an elaborate list of top-notch things us singletons can revel in when making the most out of this holiday season:1. If you're bored, tired or simply think it's the worst party you've ever attended, you can dip out whenever you want.4. It's not complete until it looks like Ke$ha threw up all over it.8. Interested in blowing your entire savings on Black Friday? Time spent sprawled out in a onesie (Disney inspired, or otherwise) is mandatory.13. Sure, you're still embracing your "no fucks given" single lifestyle, but this time of year bring out the warmth and good nature in most people. Start to develop a New Year's resolution that will better your own life, not worrying about what anyone else does or thinks.15.

“Going backwards only decreases the odds of finding a new, long-lasting relationship." Singletons have to put up with an ever-growing list of dating “trends” that are gradually ruining relationships up and down the country.

As many as 70 per cent of people are guilty of “phubbing” their partner off, while others are getting “breadcrumbed”.

The event takes place at a top-secret location in Brooklyn on December 10, making it Weepo’s top underground event this winter.

Party-goers will find out the day before where the event is located, but it’s sure to be a hotspot for New Yorkers.

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