Dating good or bad

A bad date is one that makes me wonder why I’m there, I can’t wait until it’s over, it’s awkward and just negative all around. Going on many dates with various types of people will help you narrow down what works and doesn’t work for you.

In the end you’re trying to find your very own happily ever after and all these dates should get you to your ultimate goal.

Short answer: Speed dating makes a mockery out of real dating.

Long answer: In order to be successful in speed dating, you need to be an expert at speed seduction.

The important thing is that you DO date and date often, it’s the only way to reach your ultimate goal …Chemistry is very important, so are “butterflies”, but so is compatibility.So what makes a good date and what makes a bad date? How do we really know that we want to see someone again? Some of the best dates I’ve been on were simple and was all about talking and sharing.In order to be an expert at speed seduction, you need to be able to understand (at least from a superficial level) who you are going to try to seduce.Speed dating puts you into a situation where you have 3-5 minutes to size up your potential mate, figure a way to connect with that person and most importantly make yourself memorable enough that by the end of the evening that another meeting would be a good idea.

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