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We are inclusive of all genders, ages, sexualities, races, body types, religions, and all other backgrounds and identities! We’re looking for ANYONE who is interested in having a little fun on stage and potentially meeting someone awesome!

The format will be similar to The Dating Game, but with some fun twists!

If interested, please email [email protected] up to date by following @datingpoolgameshow on social media!

Searching for a show that will test the limits of your knowledge, will or endurance?

This category is your place to find casting opportunities for a number of game shows. For many game show auditions, contestants are chosen to appear on the game shows through open casting calls.

Many game shows, like Wheel of Fortune, they are held nationwide in city’s little town halls or meeting rooms.

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") Record the husbands' answers on cue cards and place them in their laps.

"From Hollywood, it's 'The Newlywed Game.'" Fresh off of the success of "The Dating Game," Chuck Barris launched this game show in 1966, leading to the cancellation of "Password" and the popularization of "making whoopee" as couples competed for a grand prize chosen just for them.

If you're looking to find out new things about your spouse, here's how to play.

We encourage people of all genders, sexual orientations, relationship styles, ethnicities, physical abilities, and body type to apply!

We are making an earnest attempt at good matchmaking, so if you’re interested you’ll need to fill out a Dating Questionnaire and tell us more about yourself!

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