Dating fun having sex

Focusing too much on your looks take away from your enjoyment, and there's just no reason.I'm not suggesting you shouldn't try to orgasm, and I'm certainly not suggesting your partner shouldn't try to help get you there. Even if you can orgasm during sex, don't let that be your main goal. It might mean they're nervous, or they drank too much, but whatever the problem is, it's probably got nothing to do with you.About six months ago, I broke up with my boyfriend of nearly four years.He wasn't just a guy I dated for a long time; he was also the first guy I ever had sex with.I know you don't need me to stress the importance of using protection, but I am going to stress the importance of packing protection.You should not rely on your partner to be the prepared one, because this is just as much your responsibility as it theirs.If you're nervous about sleeping with someone new, I feel you.

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However, if you're going on a date, or if you and your friend have planned a chill hang that you think might possibly end in sex, I highly recommend you do some yoga or go for a walk beforehand.Hopefully, deploying the above tips already has you feeling super relaxed.In case they're not enough to chill you out, though, listen to your body and do whatever you need to do to chill out. I understand how hot a quickie can be, but when you're having sex with someone new, starting off slowly is usually the best bet.If you're using condoms, lube will prevent your vagina from being rubbed raw.If you're having trouble getting wet, lube can help with that, too.

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