Dating for 5 years not married datingindianwomen org

Don't pressure him or give him ultimatums, just leave.

I really don't believe in threats or ultimatums, they only provoke fear, not love. Keep your options open (have somewhere to live/go if you have to leave him). You should give yourself a timeline and then if he doesn't propose then leave.

You also tried to find out her likes and dislikes in order to satisfy her and draw her to you. By dating your wife, you demonstrate to her your desire and willingness to pursue her.

Unfortunately, this growth is not talked about, so people often feel alone or not understood, resulting in feelings of loneliness, boredom and even depression.

I wouldn't move in with a guy for any other reason other than he will soon be my husband. Should I tell him I want a ring in 6 months or I am moving out? Since he's moving the marker on you, I'd say forget quitting your job and moving in with him. He should know by now if he wants to marry you or not. I did get a ring, and we are getting married in 6 months.

So now I feel like he is just having me move there so he can "try me out" first. Once you've moved in, he can keep pushing back the time frame to get engaged and you'll have no recourse but to upheave your life again to move out. We live 2.5 -3.5 hours from one another (depending on traffic). Is it to late to decide to stay at your job and not move in with him?

We've even gone to stores where I picked out rings I liked.

In the last year or so, we've been talking about marriage and rings.

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