Dating fireplace brass peacock

For example, you'll need to take into consideration the mantle size, size of the hearth, the shape of the screen, and the scale of the room.

Therefore, these are general guidelines to get you started.

A round screen of stained glass tiles in greens with red accents has a frame with a handle on a top. These small, simple shelves are finished in neutral white color and they provide space for pictures in frames.

This stylization increases aesthetics of any home decor.

Not only is wrought iron corrosion-resistant, but it's also tough and will last for years.

Characterized by wrought iron construction and captivating scrollwork, this fireplace screen can be an effective and long-lasting decoration.

It has a beautifully arched top, twisted legs for stability, and an easy to clean surface.

Beautiful art nouveau fireplace screen cast entirely from heavy duty wrought iron.

Midnight black finish is the perfect one to accentuate the swirly form, which makes a truly dramatic impact as a consequence.

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