Dating finding and keeping the one

I have a range of data which contains some duplicate values in column A, and in column B is populated with some date, now, I need to remove the duplicate rows in column A but keep the latest date from corresponding column B as following screenshot shown, do you have any good ideas to solve this problem in Excel quickly and easily? Input Box("please select the data range:", "Kutools for Excel", x Txt, , , , , 8) If x Rng Is Nothing Then Exit Sub If (x Rng. And then click OK, the duplicate values in column A have been removed and the latest date in column B is kept as you need.Remove duplicate values and keep most recent date in another column with VBA code Remove duplicate values and keep most recent date in another column with Kutools for Excel The following VBA code may help you to remove the duplicate cells and keep the latest date from another column, please do as follows: 1. See screenshot: Note: To apply the above code successfully, the column contains duplicate values must be located at the left of the date column. In the Combine Rows Based on Column dialog box, click the column name that you want to remove the duplicate values, then click Primary key, see screenshot: 4.

Have you ever heard the fun fact that smiling can actually make you feel happier? If you keep giving yourself negative feedback like, “I’ll be alone forever,” “I’ll never find the one” or “True love isn’t for me,” then your odds of finding the love of your life will significantly diminish.

Hold down the ALT F11 keys, and it opens the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. Click Insert Sub test() 'updateby Extendoffice 20151030 Dim x Rng As Range Dim x Txt As String On Error Resume Next x Txt = Application. Go on clicking another column name which you want to keep the most recent date, and then click Calculate Max, see screenshot: 5.

Then press F5 key to execute this code, and a prompt box will pop out to remind you select the data range that you want to use, see screenshot: 4.

It’s important to acknowledge that no person nor relationship is perfect.

You may compare yourself to happy couples on social media who magically share all the same passions, same workout routine and same “zest” for life.

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