Dating filipina girls hong kong sex

You don’t have to learn Cantonese, even not a little bit and you have all the western comforts you can find at home.

And while some of these men have dated Hong Kong women or even have been married to one, they have a very negative attitude towards them.

However, being a British ex-colony, as a foreigner you are not that special. And forget finding a Hong Kong girl if you are twice the age and you are neither wealthy nor successful.

I had to send many disappointed friends home, who thought that they could find a cute girl in Hong Kong as easy as in Thailand.

On Sundays also the Wan Chai bars and clubs are full of domestic workers partying and flirting with foreigners.

They have their sexual needs as well, and even though many of them are (or become?

We envy them on every day of the week, but not on Sundays. Hong Kong has more than 30,000 domestic helpers from the Philippines, Indonesia and to a far lesser extent Thailand.And most of the girls going out on Sunday afternoons are not sex workers.If you go out on a Sunday afternoon, as a foreigner, be prepared for a LOT of female attention, whether you are young or old, and the best thing is, you know that they are ‘normal’ girls.While they are undoubtedly the hottest, cutest, well-spoken and most beautiful girls in Asia, they are very materialistic – which should not come as a surprise in one of the world’s financial capitals.I mean Hong Kong is a feast for the eyes, the girls are so incredibly cute and if you have a Hong Kong girlfriend, you don’t have to worry for third world-like scams.

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