Dating fender stratocaster serial number

CBS-Fender used this neck code system concurrently with the standard Month-Year date stamp that had been in use since 1962.Both type of stamps can be found on Fenders made from 1969 through 1971.Again, a neck was stamped with either the new or the old date stamp, but not both. In this early period, the serial number can be found on the bridge of the instrument see image. Once you have the information you need, if you're interested in selling your Fender, you can use Reverb to get it in front of the largest audience of musicians in the world Design Changes and Features Perhaps the best place to start when dating your Fender is to get an approximate idea of the era based on the instrument's design and components. Don't read too much into these serial numbers, it's not the best way to date a Fender guitar.If they didn't have the time or were backordered, they didn't bother with an undercoat depending on the color. An example of this is 02033923 found on a Jazz Bass.

I will also mention briefly pot-codes as a resource numbers on the internal potentiometers of the guitar. Therefore most custom color bodies have a yellow stained body too. After a short period of overlap with the old system, the post-76 numbers will start with a letter that indicates the decade, followed by a number that indicates the year of that decade.Again, a neck was stamped with either the new type of code or the old date stamp, but not both.After March 1973, Fender dropped the old style date stamp and continued to use the new style, 8-digit code until sometime in 1980 when small adhesive labels bearing Month-Day-Year date stamps appeared in the neck pocket, pickup cavity and/or back of the neck.Fender used this nail technique until about late 1964.In another 5 years there is going to be sooo much confusion, it will not be funny! Note earlier vintage 1954 Strats, within the first two months of production, are slightly different than later vintage 1954 Strats.

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