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You should only have a DTR talk when one is obviously needed.If you just like someone and you are not sure if they like you back, I would just ask them out and see what they say.It could also be used when a guy and girl are friends but one likes the other person as more than a friend.

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If you just met a guy last week, having a big DTR talk will probably weird him out.While a DTR talk can bring a lot of much needed clarity between a Christian guy and girl, these chats can also go terribly wrong quite easily.So here are three tips regarding Christians and the DTR talk. The most obvious time to have a DTR talk is when one is needed. Is our commitment level equal to our connection with one another?If you want to go from friends to a boyfriend and girlfriend, from a boyfriend and girlfriend to a more serious couple working towards marriage, and then from dating to engagement, you will need to talk through these things to make sure you both are on the same page and want to leave the old titles for some new titles.A DTR talk is also needed when there are problems in the relationship.

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