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According to Bengi, gays in the Philippines fall into three categories.

A complete summary of the conference can be found on the ILGA website.

This energetic and defiant movement manifests itself with political lobbying, social networking, street parades, sexually spicy venues–and a world LGBT conference The 22nd ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Association) Conference in Manila One of the best displays of Manila’s ‘gay power’ was the Manila conference of the International Lesbian and Gay Association that drew hundreds of delegates from 40 countries.

It was significant in that this was the first time ILGA has held a conference in the anti-gay southeast Asian sub-continent.

This show of integrated gay power was evident in the collective presence called Pinoy Pride.

Pinoy Pride Pinoy Pride coalition is a network umbrella organization comprised of several Philippine sexual minority organizations: Can’t Live in the Closet-lesbian activist group (Makati-Manila); IWAG-gay social support group in Davao City, Mindanao; Pro Gay-gay rights organization (Quezon City-Manila); GAHUM-gay support and advocacy (Cebu City); Order of St. Other Pinoy Pride affiliate groups include KALAKASAN, LUNDUYAN, PIILIPINA, AIDS Society of the Philippines,, DKT Philippines, Reach Out Foundation International, SALIGAN, Positive Action Foundation Philippines, INC., PLUS, Tisha Gonzales, Kessler Go and JP De la Vega.

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