Dating doyenne

And neither Press nor Skicewicz have studied relationship psychology either.One could conclude that getting set up this way is a bit of a gamble.According to a study from Matches That Matter, people spend 12 hours a week trying to get a first in-person date.Lots of swiping, clicking and back and forth happens in between and most of that probably never leads to an actual in-person meeting.Press clocked Project Fixup beta users at getting a date in less than 12 minutes.None of the “fixup specialists” are professional matchmakers, mind you.He writes in his book about digital matchmaking counterparts, old and new such as the “29 dimensions of compatibility” used by e Harmony or the percentage of “match,” “friend” or “enemy” on OKCupid.

The two beta tested the concept with over 2000 people in the Windy City with what seems to be some good success.

“We heard the rumors all the way in Chicago about the challenging dating scene over in SF,” says Press.

Here’s to hoping for more meaningful matches in the city by the Bay than what’s offered in some shallow app.

“If you want a hookup or to browse people, you can use Tinder,” she says.

“If you want to meet someone in person who shares your love of Tech Crunch on a Tuesday night at a bar in your neighborhood, Project Fixup is the easiest and best way to do that.” It’s also not the first attempt at digital matchmaking.

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