Dating concert pianist

As you say yourself, it is not just about giving big concerts in the Carneige Hall.Even the famous ones play in churches, at receptions, even in shopping malls, at all kinds of events, in bars and restaurants, everywhere there is an audience.I enjoyed your rendition of the mario piece, the second you obviously are working on getting the hand control down on.You obviously are a seasoned musician in having the feeling of the music inside of you and having started young and with several instruments.I guess I'm progressing pretty quickly through it, I've already started tackling these two songs: The latter I'm working on as a transitory piece to Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C# Minor, since my teacher said the pieces were fairly similar in that they're pretty chord heavy, and not really all flowy and melodic like the song in the first video (Yes I'm sure there are pieces that are more similar, but she was just looking at the pieces I brought with me) and is easy enough for me to get to work on while still being a bit of a challenge. I mean I practice 45 minutes every day for 5 days a week, and music lessons are only twice a month for 30 minutes each so I kind of have to; but my music teacher does an awesome job at helping me with my technique, giving me tips and song recommendations, and keeping me on the right path as well as integrating what I learn in her classes with what I learn in my bass guitar lessons (which I take on the weeks in-between piano lessons) Sometimes I manage to surprise her in the ways I play the music, and she'll occasionally say things like "Jeez, I need to start thinking about my pieces like that more often" x D So I guess you'd say I'm an above-average musician, I tend to accelerate pretty quickly at the beginning.Right now my main problems are getting the melody to show (I'm a lefty so the harmony is always overpowering since that's my stronger hand, and sometimes the lower notes in a chord will drown out the top note, which is sometimes supposed to be the melody).So a bit of background: I'm 18, going to college soon to major in Comp Sci, also going to flight school to get my pilot's license so I can be an airline pilot.I've been a musician since I was around 4, and have played various instruments.

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Everything that has ever been achieved in this world, has some time been done for the first time. The only obstacle for you future pianist career are your own choices.

Thing is, I REALLY love piano, it's something I can pour my heart in to.

I mean, I love every instrument I play, but piano really hits me differently, which is weird because I wouldn't even say it's the nicest sounding instrument or the easiest to just pick up and play, and I wanna know, is it too late to make a semi-respectable career as a concert pianist?

That is, if you need a stronger melody line, then practice it with both hands, simultaneously of course.

It might be rather tricky in the beginning, and the left hand will make many mistakes (therefore you must play slowly at first) and you might find some troublesome spots concerning the fingering, but go on and practice like this for a while.

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