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Power does not come easily; evolution makes demands.

The Scorpio craves the transformational potential of deeply merging his essence with the soul of another, but his fixed nature coupled with the daunting power of the emotional energy he is tapped into makes it so hard to surrender.

To Cancer emotions are like the weather, tears as necessary as the rain.

When she feels free to allow her feelings to flow, she is nourished and able to give from a replenished cup.

This is not easy, for he views it as a sign of weakness, but it becomes easier with practice. He craves passion born of deep intimacy which can fuel his transformation. Though it is a fixed sign which resists change, Scorpio burns with terrible agony and ecstasy that forces change upon him. With the power of primal sexual and emotional merging, he may die and be reborn.

The symbol for Scorpio is the scorpion, but as he evolves it becomes the serpent, the eagle and ultimately the phoenix.

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