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How the fuck my boyfriend didn’t know the whole time is baffling to me now, looking back on it, and I’ve never really forgiven myself for doing it.

We broke up and that was my exit line - later he said it was worse than if I’d said I was cheating.

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Take a flight somewhere, first thing she had to do was smoke. Out on the town and left them at home, her having to constantly bum one.

All that, plus kissing or showing affection afterwards.... I ended one relationship and this played a big factor, among a couple other things, but this was a sticking point.

This web site is dedicated to the collection of Old Tobacco Tins, Vintage Cigarette Packets and Tobacciana and provides information and historical facts to assist collectors in pursuit of the hobby.

Once we became a couple, she just wanted to stay home and smokes. When she stopped being fun, I stopped being interested.

As someone who quit a year ago after smoking for 18 years (my entire teenage and adult life) this is the absolute best part about no longer smoking.

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I also did a lot of shitty things when I smoked, like spending a lying about it.

I quit smoking for good after dating round two, and swore I’d never touch one again if I wanted a meaningful relationship. I find the smell of smoke and smokers to be very off putting; therefore, I would find it difficult to see a successful relationship with someone who smokes.

I'd pretty much never want to be close to her, so that would be a pretty big deal.

Pictured right above, is a collection of cigarette packets from the 20s and 30s.

On the top row are two of the most popular cigarette brands of all time: Player's Medium (or Player's Navy) and Wills Wild Woodbine.

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