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Unfortunately, wedding bells were never able to ring for the couple.A chance turn of events cut their engagement short, and her return to Gotham did not culminate in their happily ever after.Steal Your Girl.” Batman has a history of falling for Superman’s beloved Lois Lane; Bruce even married her once. Bruce swoops in and woos Lois with his irresistible charm.Meanwhile, Clark Kent stands on the sidelines, silent about his feelings for the reporter.

Before Trey Songz, Bruce Wayne was the original “Mr.Sometimes, Bruce Wayne’s bedroom exploits are sincere, given a particular relationship he is engaged in.Other times, however, such behavior develops out of impromptu moments of passion; a few instances of this nature are, admittedly, considered controversial.Their impromptu romance is fleeting, and takes form as a Frank Miller-written Dark Knight in All-Star Batman and Robin has just finished up burning some thugs alive.Their intense passion is not born from some idyllic setting or affectionate circumstance.

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