Dating bars nyc

THE LEVEE: Once upon a time, The Levee and Zebulon (RIP) were the bars I wandered into after a show at, say, Monster Island, or DBA, or 285 Kent (RIP to the lot of you).Now, the Levee's just a good place to take a whiskey shot and make out with a hipster, activities preferably punctuated with handfuls of free cheese balls (faux cheese breath is sexy, right?

JOSHUA TREE: Joshua Tree is just as awful as The 13th Step, but actually manages to outdo it in bro-scene points thanks to its location in dreaded Murray Hill.Plus there are plenty of options for cheap beer and shot combos to loosen your lips.For the Jewish set trying to find love online, Sammy’s Romanian Steakhouse is a classic institution and perfect for testing the waters.Here are our favorites in the city, and note that no, it is not a coincidence that most of these are in Murray Hill, the East Village, or Williamsburg, now the Murray Hill of Brooklyn. UNION POOL: No matter how much Williamsburg has changed over the last decade, it's nice to see some things stay the same—Union Pool is still the number one hook-up bar in Brooklyn, a title it's held at least since 2008.It's hard to know exactly what makes this place such a draw for singles—is it the taco truck? The long lines for the private bathrooms that everyone's having coked-up sex inside? Whatever the aphrodisiac, a night out here is guaranteed to get weird, like a strange man biting you on the face weird, and if you will it, you will get laid.

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