Dating at midlife what you need to know

Like most relationships that have run their course, it was like a tire with a slow leak.

A million tiny, undetectable injuries that culminate in the thing going flat and an inability to move forward.

No matter how good I eventually became at enjoying my own company, I couldn’t shake this longing to be in a relationship with someone who might think I was as awesome as I’d learned to see myself.

For months, I’d looked into the face of any man I’d come across, playing a strange game of “Are You My Mother?

Yoga, therapy, time with friends and loved ones and journaling through the tough spots helped me fall in love with myself again and let me know, REALLY KNOW, that I could be on my own.

Get to know yourself so you can be clear on what you hope to get out of dating.

If you’re thinking about putting on your big girl pants and diving back into dating, here’s what you should consider.

It’s important after a major breakup to take time to heal.

Rather than focusing on how the date “should” be (How should I be?

I’d like to propose that there is actually a middle ground and that the thought process and actions reflected in this middle ground thinking will yield two critical outcomes: enjoyment during (most of) the dating process and a higher probability of achieving the results you are looking for.

The following are things you need to have in place to work from this middle ground: Did you know that you can tell a lot about a person if you know what section of the newspaper (for those of us who still read our papers rather than the online version) he or she picks up first?

There seem to be two types of people when it comes to dating in midlife: those who are the proverbial kid, having fun while looking for the pony in the pile of…

well you know what, and those who consider it a necessary evil to be avoided, sometimes at all costs.

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