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That his definition of a full-time job was “loose”? Thought of you.” They’ll send me pictures of dads they covertly snap on the Trader Joe’s checkout line. I have just two rules: First, I don’t date men who trash-talk the mother of their children, regardless of the circumstances.

Maybe a guy who had a little more responsibility in his life would be less, well, stupid about the whole dating thing.

It’s too messy.) DDs (divorced dads) in that six-month-to-three-year window are ideal for independent people like myself.

Between prepping lunches, putting together goody bags for their child’s birthday at school (“Why does underwear, DDs will not be texting all the time.

The demands of their life require that they give me breathing space, because they don’t have time for an alternative.

I’m someone who, in the past, would lose her identity over the course of dating a new person.

In my experience, never-married guys without kids do things like get a four-leaf clover tattoo on their leg, decide they don’t like it, and then follow it up with the rest of the Lucky Charms to make it “better.” Or send jerk-off videos that look like they were shot in a Mc Donald’s bathroom, or ghost but still watch your Instagram stories.

Through many rounds of martinis with girlfriends, discussing stories about single dads & dating, this is what I have come to conclude: Single dads, because of their divorce ordeal (which is usually bitter), behave like “Martyrs”, which appeals to women’s “Savior” gene.

I had never thought I would, one day, find myself trying out the “Single Dads” portion on the dating menu…

Apparently, however, if you are single, in your thirties and looking for an older man (aka late thirties or forties), the chances of bumping into a divorced guy with kids are high!

Which, almost always, makes us want to make the difference.

And unfortunately, we get so preoccupied doing exactly this, that we become too busy to notice any red flags.

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