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Parents can chill on the beach while their teens go off on their own in this western-friendly environment.Feel comfortable exploring and relaxing here, just as you would on any beach in Miami or San Diego.If you thought virtual reality was still a thing of the future, wait until you get to Virtual Worlds.Your teens will love the chance to try out the latest and greatest in VR technology – and we mean so much more than those goggles you clip your smartphone to.Getting In: Rock Republic Climbing Walls tickets are included with the Go Dubai Card. Located within the resort Atlantis the Palm, it offers peaceful relaxation, exhilarating waterslides, and even lazy rivers to tube along.Although there are certainly areas suitable for younger children, teens will probably get the most out of the high-octane slides like the Tower of Neptune and Torrent River.

For example, they’ll get to choose from a vast selection of games and activities, many of which involve their favorite video games. But will your teenagers really want to check out a historic market or building?They’re probably more likely to enjoy things that are exciting or engaging for teens.The special effects are serious in this one, so be prepared to be totally scared!Getting In: Hysteria Haunted House tickets are included with the Go Dubai Card.

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