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The location of the loss suggests that LL679 would have been shot down between 1930hrs and 1935hrs. Erhard Peters of 9./NJG3 claimed a Lancaster shot down at an unstated location at 1933hrs and this claim is the most likely match for the loss of LL679.

There were no survivors from the crew, on their first operational sortie, who are buried in Hannover War Cemetery.

Finally a Rescue Launch appeared in the vicinity and was guided to the dinghy and all the occupants were taken on board.

It was subsequently ascertained that the dinghy contained all seven of the crew of the Squadron aircraft which had ditched the previous night, and that none of them was injured.

S/L Sly was the highest ranking officer to be lost by the squadron.All seven crew were rescued.14-Jan-44 LL679 A2-J Brunswick F/S Paul Mason RNZAF LL679, A2-J, a ‘C’ Flight Lancaster, piloted by F/S Paul Mason RNZAF, was shot down at Lauenberg, near Dassel.Other 514 Sqn aircraft had bombed the target at around 1915hrs. The damage was done, however, and after managing to transmit a message to his base, Lou Greenburgh achieved his greatest feat of the night, and possibly of his life, by successfully ditching his Lancaster in pitch darkness in the North Sea. KG King, Flight Engineer KIA02-Dec-43 DS738 JI-J Berlin F/L Hinde DS738, JI-J was lost over Potsdam as F/L GHD Hinde and his crew approached the target. Sgt Curle's body was not recovered and he is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. Karl-Heinz Scherfling of 12./NJG1 in another Ju88 found and attacked the aircraft. Scherfling pressed home an attack but eventually F/O Greenburgh managed to make good his escape.

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