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They were all sitting around a table intently coloring when one of the dads walked in. So he came up behind his daughter and wiggled his fingers in her armpit. ”, whether they’ve said it explicitly or via their body language, we help them learn that it’s their body and their right to decide what happens to it. As the great psychologist Alice Miller wrote, “If children have been accustomed from the start to having their world respected, they will have no trouble later in life recognizing disrespect […] and will rebel against it on their own.” Am I saying never tickle your kids?

The feeling is pretty universal, according to researchers who tickled rats for the sake of science.

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Come back often to our ever expanding free tour section and see for yourself the beautiful photography of young barefoot girls that sets us apart.Ishiyama and his postdoctoral adviser, Michael Brecht, reported their experiments in Friday’s edition of the journal Science. First, they tickled the animals on the back, then flipped them over and tickled them on the stomach.Great thinkers going all the way back to Aristotle in Ancient Greece have contemplated the mysteries of tickling. That was followed by gentle touching on the back, then front.Ishiyama and Brecht outlined some of their own questions. Next, the researchers tickled the rats on their tails. Each part of the routine lasted for about 10 seconds, followed by a 15-second break.The rats responded with ultrasonic vocalizations in the range of 50 kilohertz, a pitch with a “positive emotional valence,” according to the study.

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