Dating above your social class

She could easily spend k on food in a month (-0 entres on the regular). we are only 3 in my family so its not like there will be a bunch of people, but this message of yours made think for a second about.

As mentioned, my parents are just like me, rather simple and we never cared about this social class stuff, but im a bit worried she might feel even more intimidated by them if the contrast is waaay too different/big compared to hers...

Should i just ignore that fact or be a bit worried about it?

NOTE: Its not the first time i date a girl like this, in fact, i prefer girls who are more simple/humble compared to the usually snobby ones who think they are the center of the Universe, but its the first time i can feel a girl has a noticeable insecurity about this. In this day and age, your generation doesn't need approval from your parents. Since you don't care about social differences, you should be fine.

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She even told me her parents are kinda limited in terms of income and stuff, but either way, its not like she is "poor" or almost homeless, she dresses and looks fine/decent, plus she's got a job at least, but sometimes she sounds kinda insecure about her reality (I guess because of the contrast to mine)I honestly like the girl and i never really cared about social differences at all (Neither my parents) but i can tell she is being rather insecure about this.I'm sorry for having to put such topic title, i never really liked labeling stuff like social classes and stuff, but just for the sake of your understanding, i will have to. A girl i met thought not long ago (we have an acquaintance in common) and well, we clicked really nicely and we started dating since last monday.During the time i met her i could notice she comes from a more "humble" background compared to me, but she is still a really nice and caring girl, ill put our realities in perspective so you have an idea of both of us.If you are serious about dating, Elite Singles is the right UK dating site for you.We believe that finding a compatible partner – who genuinely suits your lifestyle and dating preferences – is crucial for your lasting happiness.

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