Dating a romanian man

Talking about girls in Romania is very difficult, as there are many possible approaches and generalization might not work, as each girl has her own personality and purpose in life and ways to achieve it, but after receiving a comment from Eric, I decided to try and tackle this delicate matter and write this Romanian Girls “guide” that will hopefully help all those interested in meeting a Romanian lady and know if they can find true love in Romania or they’re just going to get burned and taken advantage of.First things first: 99% of the girls that I know in this country are amazing persons who would always put love above financial gains and would not even accept the idea of receiving a monthly “allowance” from their boyfriends.How to identify Romanian girls who want to take advantage of you and scam you There are always some signs out there with girls that are more interested in getting your money (and remember, since Romania is a relatively poor country, most foreigners can be considered rich by Romanian standards: our medium wage is about 370 EUR or 0! Usually, I would say that if any of the alarm signals listed below are true, you should be really careful and reconsider the relationship with that particular lady.She might not be with you for your good looks and charming personality…It might happen every now and then to be true interest, but usually it won’t be. Clubs are for hook-ups mostly and everybody knows it.Of course, now you shouldn’t consider all ladies who are careful with their looks like scammers who only want your money. She is surrounded by single ladies who seem to have a similar attire and attitude. Some of these girls might even work in “pairs” making you think that you scored big when they decide to both join you… These will obviously not be ladies for a long term relationship. Although there might be genuine ladies interested in real relationships hanging out in clubs (that’s the place where you can meet new people, duh!When you’re earning 300 EUR per month, it’s very difficult to buy nothing but genuine Armani bags and tons of gold and diamonds if you don’t have somebody else paying for it! They can be extremely creative here and extremely convincing as well that they’re nothing but genuine, honest persons that truly need help… If you really suspect that it’s indeed true what they say and you really want to help, try to make sure that the problem they’re talking about is indeed real (by visiting the injured relative, for example or something similar).

This is another sign that she might not be interested by anything else but your money.I know a few girls who invest all the money they have in fancy clothes, visits to the nail & hair saloon and all possible methods to improve their looks with the only goal in mind being that of getting the attention of the people with money.They dress to attract attention and, very importantly, they play hard to get (in order not to make their true intentions obvious).Eventually, the guy gave in (without her really asking for the money) and offered to send the money for her to fix her teeth.As soon as she had the money, she blocked the dude and never talked to him again. Although times are changing in Romania too, usually Romanian girls are very dedicated to their partners and extremely loyal and supportive.

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