Dating a quiet person

The same goes for men and the ones she likes the most. If he is a little mentally coy – flirts casually, hold backs some information, won’t give her a clear direct answer sometimes, he challenges her mentally to get it out of him.If he holds back physically but still shows a little interest – it makes her wonder. When done the right way – it can be a lot of fun to her thus driving up her attraction.

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She, on the other hand, has lots of friends in sororities and goes to their parties and frat parties all the time. Through all this partying she has tons of guy friends and seems somewhat flirtsy with them sometimes, although I know from inside sources that she doesn't hook up with any of them.

Just relax and take things as they come and we'll hope things turn out good. It doesn't have to be confrontational, just figure out what you want/need and talk to her about it. What specifically would make you feel more comfortable in this relationship?

And also, I have some friends who are in party mode while single, but once they are with someone they settle down.

mystery is something which is difficult or impossible to understand or explain, therefore a mysterious man is often a guy who is difficult or hard to understand or explain.

Quiet is something a little different and not necessarily an attractive trait unless it’s done right.

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