Dating a narcissistic person

Part of this all-about-me-syndrome is a sense of entitlement.In relationships, this can come across as “my way or the highway” where your thoughts, feelings and opinions really aren’t valid.The narcissist shows disregard for other people’s boundaries in many different ways including regularly breaking promises or obligations, Isolation is one of the more common ways a narcissist can gain control in a relationship.This control feeds their need to have everything their way, and to have their partner become fully dependent on them.

“The person with narcissism often may begin—subtly, insidiously, and covertly—to devalue his or her significant other.

”; or “I paid for this car, so of course I get to say when you can use it”; or “I thought you loved me? You become a diminished version of yourself that you don’t even recognize anymore.

Someone the narcissist has moulded to suit their own lifestyle and needs.

They found that the mate appeal of narcissists stems from their physical attractiveness and their social boldness – displays of characteristics such as confidence, charm and charisma.

However, with anyone putting on a show, there is only so long you can sustain this act before your true colours start to shine through. The charm and appeal experienced at the start of a relationship with a narcissist doesn’t last forever.

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