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In the Nancy Drew games presented by Her Interactive, Ned can be called and can give hints.

A nice twist in the game shows the caring relationship between Nancy and Ned through their conversations.

Ned first meets Nancy in The Clue in the Diary, the seventh volume in the original series.

However, the text of revisions in the first few volumes bear an apparent inconsistency, mentioning him as early as the fifth volume, The Secret of Shadow Ranch.

In The Clue in the Diary, Ned is at first mistaken for a car thief, but Nancy warms to him after he proves trustworthy later in the story.

Throughout the revised yellow hardcovers (which include the first 56 books of the series), Ned is often described as Nancy's "special friend." The two frequently date, attending dances and the like, but commitment between them is never explicitly stated.

Ned Coleman Nickerson is a fictional character in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series.

This makes him a year or two older than the eighteen-year-old Nancy.Ned is presented as Nancy's boyfriend in this series as well; however, unlike the original series, it is mentioned that they have been dating since high school.As the Files is also targeted at an older audience, their relationship is imbued with a little more depth.Ned supports Nancy, even though he doesn't approve of her fearlessness in life-threatening situations.Based on author Carolyn Keene's best-selling book series, Nancy Drew is a brilliant teenage detective who lives in the small town of Horseshoe Bay in Maine.

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