Dating a drug addict boyfriend

This all kinda happened whirlwind fashion, but it really needed to be done period.I’m not real sure how you’ll take this little piece of crucial info, but all I can say is that I’m sorry especially for the last few days, but also for just being the kinda guy I don’t think you expected me to be.If you get done reading this letter and decide I may still have a little bit of credibility with you and you want to call me, that would be great.They promised me tonight that I could start using my phone again tomm, but with supervision. Love, (him)Now after reading that I couldn’t help but look back and wonder if all he said and did was a true connection to me or a connection the drugs was reciprocating.Never being an addict myself or even trying drugs I have minimal knowledge.I am at a fork in the road and don’t know if I should pursue helping him and being there as his girlfriend or if I should walk away.They don’t want to see me calling all of my “old friends”, ya know. I heard from him off and on through text messaging. For some reason I am willing to work through this and stay by him but I wonder if he is off the drugs if there will still be a relationship that I felt before. I realize my abandoning him now could send him into further depression.I don’t want to do that, so I am becoming knowledgable on cocaine and addiction.

I know the road ahead of me is almost endless but now that I’m cleaner…clean ever they say…that I’m not dependant at least physically. I’m sure the last few days for you have been hard when it comes to me, and I really am sorry…

He misses dinner and a weekend we were supposed to have together and doesn’t return my phone calls.

Finally, about 5 days later I recieve an email from him: My name, I’m terribly sorry about being “in the wind” these last couple of days but I’ve been sort of problem solving.

I realize after reading many articles that his addiction doesn’t just go away and that the entire process may take time and relapses might occur.

I am concerned about several issues in this relationship.

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