Dating a spirit man

Like the spies in the Promised Land, I didn’t feel bold to pursue what God had placed on my heart.God had stated, “I am giving this land to Israel” (Numbers 13:1), and yet 10 of the 12 pioneers sent feared the hostile forces they saw more than they believed the vision God had presented of their future.While I hardly think I’ve been the best example, maybe my steps and missteps can illustrate something about the “different spirit” God calls us to in dating (and other areas of life).As I headed into my late 20s, I felt I had to “make something happen” on the dating front.I hope this list will blaze the trail for the many unknowing women who will encounter the growing number of SNAGs — indigenous to Venice Beach, Nolita, and anywhere that kombucha is sold — and that they find both soulful success and spiritual enlightenment as they navigate this curious being.

Ignoring clues of mismatched interests led to my poor decisions.

Seeking insight from Scripture, I came upon a verse from an Old Testament story that seemed to resonate: “My servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit and has followed me fully, I will bring into the land.” (Numbers ) The context may seem odd in relation to dating, but hear me out.

Caleb was one of 12 spies Moses sent to survey the Promised Land.

Think of the Israelite spies: They saw giants and strongholds, and shrank back. Men and women I know who are pursuing God’s best without a life partner bring incredible creativity, joy and truth to me and those around them. During an altar time at church, a trusted pastoral voice had spoken things about a future relationship that resonated as a promise.

The trouble came when I disregarded what I’d heard from the Lord, or believed it was up to me to fulfill that promise.

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