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Studies done all over the world have shown that pet owners have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and a reduced risk of heart disease. But how does simply having an animal around improve our overall health?Lowering stress levels. Many doctors attribute the health benefits of pet ownership to reduced stress levels. According to a study done in Minnesota, just having a cat in your home can reduce your chances of experiencing a stroke by almost 50%, and of suffering a fatal heart attack by 40%. Partly by lowering your blood pressure. Having a pet present reduces blood pressure spikes due to stress or tension, which in turn increases your chances of surviving a life-threatening illness. In short, having an animal around makes people happier, and happy people tend to be healthier. Having a pet --especially a dog-- really encourages you to stay active, which of course makes you healthier.Short messages get people to readily reply more than long messages that end with full stop, remember, you are trying to pull her along but gently. About facebook dating, follow it thus and you could have her singing you song very soon. Dave Anan is online, got any question about dating? Spending time with pets has proven to reduce the occurrence of psychotic episodes and to reduce stress in general. Having a pet also works from an early age to prevent psychological and emotional problems. Research has show that children who own pets tend to have higher self esteem and better emotional functionality than children without pets.Animals have also shown to be incredibly therapeutic to children with disabilities or behavioral disorders like autism. Now, if you're an adult suffering from pet allergies, this may sound like a bit of a stretch. But it's not.Why? Because having animals around provides a number of invisible benefits that lead to longer, healthier, happier lives.

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Maybe they should change that to an hour with your dog. Apples are great, after all, but can you train one to fetch your slippers? Probably not.

Don't stain me -Attitude" Or a simple mail like Hello, I don't seem to know you.great!

you are starting out with facebook dating, you are moving ahead, Say something like Dave here, about jumping into a train to New York, that's my state, you?

If you've seen the page about Communication with women and you understand the role of Confidence in attraction girls you would know what to type. OK in reality, I am "Dave" just saying hi and lets share a bottle of coke.

Like before, don't go "Gaga" send a calm gentle message from a confident stand point like Hello Ann, guess who is here, the most handsome and irresistible guy on facebook, Oh! This mail is short and alive, it carries boldness, confidence and unbelievably intriguing, A pretty girl is used to guys trying to get their attention but here, you are just sounding confident and It is good.

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