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Once in the system, warp to the Data Center beacon.

Talk to agent Rilbedur Tjar, who is floating inside a small structure in space.

The Data Center missions are missions where you hand in pirate tags (you can loot these in missions and buy them on the market).

Basically, it allows you to convert isk into standing.

We are so confident we can deliver 100% reliable and continuous service, we offer a 100% Uptime SLA.

Tired of punitive and restrictive colocation contracts that don’t meet your needs?

Located at the Imperial Data Center beacon in space.

Our 100% Uptime SLA proves our commitment to being the secure and compliant data center provider you need.

You'll also need to hack the neon sign to get the gate key, use a Data Analyzer, and you'll get a side mission which gives 0.1 point of faction standing!

Read the Shaman Secrets guide (see below) for more details.

Data Center missions come in 2 flavours: Keeping Crime In Check (pirate tag hand-ins) and Graduation Certificate/Data Transportation (simple courier of 0.1m3). Two systems have between 2 and 3 agents, one of whom offers a simple courier mission of 0.1m3 of their faction's Graduation Certificate to a station a few jumps away in High Security space.

One system has 12 agents for pirate tag hand-ins, with 3 of each being Level 1 (0.0 standing minimum), Level 2 (1.0 standing minimum), Level 3 (3.0 standing minimum), and Level 4 (5.0 standing minimum).

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