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In either case, we are left with the distinct impression that meaningful intelligence reform proposals are only likely to become reality if the Intelligence Community receives sustained, senior level attention from knowledgeable outside observers.

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Then type:netsh winsock reset , and press Enter.ipconfig /release , and press Enter.ipconfig /flushdns , and press Enter.netsh int ip reset , and press Enter.

Please let me know if there is still any issue later. Thanks,-Viet Please reset the router: with the power connected to the router, please use a paper clip to press & hold the tiny reset hole/button located on the back/bottom of the router for 10 seconds. If that does not work, the model V2556 is not correct, please check again. I do not want to do this as my other lap top is connected to the router and I dont want to redo all the settings on it or loose connectivity which I already have on that lap top, it seems that there is no difinitive solution to this problem without going through hit and missproceedure can you identify the exact problem? (The wireless card might not support higher security.)I'd like to update the wireless driver, but we need the exact model of the laptop. I cannot find this model at all from the hp/compaq website: internal wireless card hardware might be bad.

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We recommend several changes to improve this state of affairs.

We recommend that the Executive Branch improve its mechanisms for watching over the Intelligence Community in order to ensure that intelligence reform does not falter.

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