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, follows, as Stone puts it in the liner notes, “a woman’s life, all the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, and the joys….” And Stone is all over the damn radio, thanks to “No More Rain (In This Cloud),” which weaves in a riff from the classic Gladys Knight and the Pips weepie “Neither One of Us.” Although she’s touted as a talented upstart, Stone is no new kid — the South Carolina native has been in the game for two decades. It’s overwhelming, because it’s come from a long haul of stress and getting over the past and moving forward. I just feel like to run from it only creates mystery. D’Angelo’s an extreme talent, but he’s human, and that makes him subject to the same things all these other brothers are subject to. For the first time in a long time, adults have a record they want to invest fifteen dollars in. Would you please give her a major shout-out for me: Grege Morris? They have a song, and my son, little Michael, is the star of that song. She was in the R&B bands Sequence and Vertical Hold, and has written songs for Mary J. We’ll just have to keep going to church.” You know how hard it is trying to drag a partner to church? I’ve done nothing wrong, so I have nothing to run from. I’m a real woman, and a real woman can face adversity head on. You thanked an army of people on your album — your trainer, Michael, for instance. He’s two, and he’s off the hinges, that’s all I can tell you. This was the same guy who issued a statement after the wreck that read, “[D’Angelo] is anxious to finish the recording of his soul masterpiece that the world has patiently awaited.” He added, strangely, that a similar wipeout had done wonders for Kanye West.“He’s running around the house,” Mc Millan said of D’Angelo to the Times-Dispatch in late September 2005.“He’s chomping at the bit to get in the studio.” So there you had it: A “soul masterpiece” on the horizon that no one wanted to discuss.By spring, speculation about the new stuff was running rampant.The singer had been pulled over for speeding in January 2005 and arrested on DUI and drug possession charges.His lawyer, Ned Mikula, helped that decision along by begging leniency for the singer, insisting he was bolting straight to Nashville to begin work on a follow-up to Voodoo. Proof that D’Angelo never made it to Music City USA was lying in a downtown hospital bed.

And I can tell you that every woman in the world can let down her hair and take off all her clothes to the Isley Brothers’ “For the Love of You.” OK?

Whoo, honey — “For the Love of You.” Honey, put it on and you only need but half a glass of champagne.

If D’Angelo’s life were viewed as one long series of dramatic episodes, you might say he was last seen being thrown from his Hummer, which was doing somersaults through a Powhatan County cornfield. R&B really ain’t my thing, but I’m a sucker for covering a world-class disappearing act. From his last mug shot, it’s clear he’s gained a spectacular amount of weight. I had only a vague idea of his troubles with the law, and no idea what he was doing professionally. For that matter, was he still on good terms with the mother of his daughter, Imani?

He was then plucked from the dirt by a medevac helicopter, deposited at the VCU E. It has been six years since D’Angelo released his album Voodoo, and legions of fans remain at his beck and call, awaiting his next move. So imagine my interest as the next episode unfolds: D’Angelo, the platinum-selling recording artist dubbed by some critics as the “godfather of neo-soul” and perhaps Richmond’s most famous offspring, is suddenly MIA. And what was at the root of his problems — the wreck, the personal troubles that seemed to be weighing on his aspirations?

R., and released days later with broken ribs and bruises. Does anyone remember singer/songwriter John Mayer’s open letter to D’Angelo in Esquire, begging him to record again? Rumor had spread he was down in Nashville assembling new material. By all accounts D’Angelo (born Michael Eugene Archer, 1974, in Richmond) is a private guy, introspective, tough, dedicated to his art above all else. It took five years to record his sophomore album, Voodoo, which was apparently worth the wait: The album debuted at No.

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