Current recordset does not support updating adodb

I am developing a website that uses the following connection string: Set obj Conn = Server. OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=Members.mdb; Persist Security Info=False" It has the following recordset stuff: Set rs Users = Server.

current recordset does not support updating adodb-84

This may be a limitation of the provider, or of the selected locktype I am writing my updates to a buffered table and then flushing the table to rather than using a simpler INSERT INTO command because I am using a memo field that needs more than 255 characters writing to it. UPDATE 'Update the recordset Note that my knowledge of ADO etc is minimal, I am predominantly a VFP programmer on the desktop not a web programmer so assume nothing about my web experience! I have tried with different versions of ADO (from the same machine, where ADO 2.6 is installed), but no change. Open "select * from parameter where var_id = 2272 and produkt_id = 34810 order by sub_index", o Con, ad Open Dynamic, ad Lock Pessimistic o RS("pvalue") = "0" o RS.The error is however related to something with ADO, the exact same code works on some machines. Update End Sub Private Sub Form_Load() Set o Con = New ADODB. Connection String = "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1; Password=xxx; User ID=xxx; Initial Catalog=xxx; Data Source=(local); Use Procedure for Prepare=1; Auto Translate=True; Packet Size=4096; Workstation ID=xxx; Use Encryption for Data=False; Tag with column collation when possible=False" o Con. Recordset End Sub The db is designed as follows: create table parameter ( var_id int not null, /* FK variabel(id) */ produkt_id int not null, /* FK produkt(id) */ sub_index smallint not null, pvalue varchar (3192) ); Bad idea.Can anybody help to either get the code above working or even replace it with something better under OLD DB? Command Text = "INSERT INTO mbtopics (mmessage) values (? Create Parameter('message', ad Long Var Char, ad Param Input, , lmmessage)Cmd.

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