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He was profane in a way that was endearing, rather than discomfiting, and also managed to show a large selection of his work.Check.) I’m going to break this down into two articles, as I’ve done in the past.Imam dobar posao, dvoje dece i ne bih da se ovde javno eksponiram.Mi smo: Pojedinca, par Iz: Arandjelovac Godište on: 36Godište ona: 22 Kratak opis: Njoj je uvek malo, veoma je zahtevna, uvek traži još.I kid you not, that dude said “dick” at least 15 times within the first three minutes of his lecture.Duanus, and opened with a story about needing a penis reduction.There was plenty of time to think, as the traffic was thick as Thanksgiving gravy, despite the late hour.I didn’t arrive at the Lafayette Hotel until pm, which I assumed made me the last reviewer there.

But back to the reviews, which were my main priority.Pictures and words that gave the crowd energy, and permission to experiment.So that you can actually look at the photos without it all blending into infinity, like the great Pacific Ocean.Anything to make sure I had good, positive energy for the reviews, and that I came home able to work.(Rather than losing 2 weeks in a fog, as I’ve done before.) Fortunately, I did get to see a nice variety of photography to share with you here.And I even get to use the word “dick” again, as it was tossed about with shocking abandon by the keynote lecturer, Duane Michals.

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