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Likely due to the successful "first-vibes" of our pre-date, we hit it off instantly and have been a couple ever since...." - More Speed Dating Success Stories -- Events near you!

In speed dating the frustration level is much lower as you get to meet new people each time and since you are physically meet, it is less frustrating than the one where you do not get to meet the person at all.

I'm so tempted to just answer with "whatmakesyouhaha.mp3" because my 'dating life' is an absolute joke, but I guess I'll elaborate.

I'm a 26-year-old woman who works in a mostly-female office (and industry, really), so that's not even an option.

Its a park all over, a festival every weekend in the spring, and dont even get me started on how aesthetically pleasing southern women are.I am a male who found it incredibly easy to date in Atlanta, not just online but also meeting women at bars, the grocery store, through friends, at parties, etc.The women tend to be friendly though not as forward as I have encountered out west or up north and there are plenty of places to go for first and second dates. On the downside, and I am not sure if this is due to the ratio or something else, but a lot of the women tend to lack conviction about who they are.Since 2002, has connected thousands of African singles around the world, making it the largest and most trusted African dating site.With a remarkable member base of over 2 million (and growing), we connect thousands of single men and women internationally.

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