We are a premier matchmaking firm that specializes in finding and introducing savvy, relationship-minded professionals.Two things set us apart: we’ve been the leader in Chicagoland’s market since 1991, which gives us more resources than our counterparts. I was so proud when David graduated 1st in his class from high school.

"Mom will you hurrrrrrrr, holy cow..." as he glanced up at me. " I asked, knowing the answer, but still wanting to hear the answer. Usually I have it up, so when I walked out of the bedroom with it flowing freely, David was taken a little aback.

" "Thanks Mom, I love you." "I love you too baby," I whispered into his ear. Sometimes, when we go out, I link arms with him and tell him to call me Susan, instead of Mom, so that people will think I was able to land such a hunk. "Sorry," he said "that didn't come out quite right." I was thinking, "actually, that came out perfectly." Now, I would not say that I'm a goddess, but I rather like the way I look. My breasts are not huge, a large B or small C, depending on the bra, and they have not begun to sag much.

"I'm taking you out tonight son, anywhere you like." "Great Mom, let's go downtown and see what we can find." "Alright, but let's go home first, I want to change into something fun," I said to him with a smile. My nipples are small, but perky, and very sensitive.

His strong arms wrapped around me and we both knew that we had wanted this for so long. I don't want you to feel like you have to." David looked back at me and said, "Make love to me, Mom." We kissed some more and he picked me up.

I felt his tongue brush my lips and I thought, "I'm going to make love to my son! After just a moment we were kissing like crazed lovers, panting, moaning, and moving our hands all over each other. He set me down as we reached the door to my room and I pulled him by his tie over to the bed.

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