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David eventually takes a job as a brand manager at a nearby clothing store before opening his own local goods business, Rose Apothecary.While launching Rose Apothecary, David meets and begins dating his business partner, Patrick Brewer.

He also frequently wears drop crotch pants and designer sneakers.

Following this, he played several guest roles on television, including in the police drama Rookie Blue (2012) and the drama series Cracked (2013).

In 2013, he also appeared in the CW web series Backpackers.

He is particularly blunt when interacting with his sister, Alexis, and best friend, Stevie, although no one is seemingly immune to his remarks.

In one episode, he tells his boss, Wendy Kurtz, that the blouses she sells are "skanky." One of the few assets the Rose family is allowed to retain when they move to Schitt's Creek is their designer clothing.

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