Crazy dating profiles gay asian dating site

Now this is in the first date section: My Ideal Person: Similar type person, one that is honest and open and is willing to see where this all might lead.

Must be willing to try new things and have an adventure for life.

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It was suggested by xracer66 on POF to start a blog on profiles. I do love to travel; including a lot of msg and let’s talk.

With the highest quality men online receiving multiple emails each day, it is absolutely essential to create a profile that stands out from the competition and sparks immediate interest.

Unfortunately, this reveals very little about the writer and what she is all about.

Although I might agree that the "first date" thing is pretty dumb..

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His message to me was very nice and I appreciate that. Now for the About Me section: I work hard so I can play hard. I do like to take advantage of this great state we live in.

Let’s re-write the example above into a profile that will make a quality man take notice…

New: “Most people love the idea of going to Disney World and unleashing their inner child.

But you will scare off the all good guys out there by giving off negative energy.

If you are driven, down to earth, and love to try new things, we may just be one email away from hitting it off.

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